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Village of Love Kitchen

The Kitchen is Ready!

Since our trip to Uganda in December 2021, we were so sad with the precarious condition of the kitchen and we decided to build a new kitchen to the orphanage.

We are so glad to announce that we already complete this project.

The construction started in March 2022 and finished in April 2023. 

Thanks to all our sponsors! Without your help and generosity we couldn"t accomplish this mission!

Please check our Instagram (@justlove_foundation) and watch our reels about this project.

We are very happy to provide more dignity and happiness to the Village of Love"s Children.

Sponsors: Texas Team (Liz Lara), Legacy Plus Realty, Julião"s Family, Tropical Life, Carmem Lima, Marlene Nocentini, Emilia Ebihara, Ambiance Miami, Dourada Interprises, Yummy Açai, Show Time Audio Miami, Milena Fraga, Alaska Miami, WHM International Corp, Thiago Mariani, Carlos and Maju.


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